Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where Am I Starting?

As I begin my journey through Suzie Boss and Jane Krauss’, Reinventing Project-Based Learning, I realize I have not set aside the time to reflect on my learning through the last three years of graduate classes and professional development. Time is a major factor, of course, as it will be a factor as we begin our journey into project based learning. During our previous school year my students and I played with a variety of technology tools, integrating them into our literacy learning. Though we called our units “projects” they were in truth, literacy units incorporating technology tools. Most students loved the new tools, embracing the new power they felt when posting on our class blog or wiki for the first time. The technology tools opened the door to the 21st Century and served as motivators. However, I have not yet grasped the ability or confidence to transform my classroom into a project based learning center. The literacy units, technology tools, and the understanding of the need for authentic real life experiences are all present. Now, how do I turn this knowledge into project based learning?

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