Sunday, August 1, 2010

Readiness for Teamwork

As I toured the Blogosphere reviewing several projects, I must say I felt overwhelmed. I was relieved to be granted permission, even encouraged, to join a well designed project that is already underway. Since I have not been present at this workshop, I suspect we will be joining a collaborative effort with colleagues on our first project. When I explored Krauss and Boss' blog, Reinventing Pbl, I was excited to find Project Based Learning on Edutopia where members can learn along with a group, online, discussing, and collaborating on the process, sharing ideas, not just viewing a finished project.  I truly see the need for project based learning to provide students, especially unmotivated students, with an authentic reason to learn. As also indicated, however, creating project based learning units is a time consuming endeavor. I have a need to restructure my interactions with my fellow colleagues as recommended. By nature and years of habit, I am reserved, but a very willing learner. During my journey at Harding University seeking my graduate degree in reading, Lit Lab, and Young Adult Author Series, as well as, my adventure with 21st Century learning, new doors have opened for my students as my teaching methods changed. Further experience with Huff’s 21Things continues to alter the mold of my teaching strategies. PBL requires a teacher willing to learn. That I am. Becoming more open with colleagues will take more work. But there again, I am open to anything that opens new opportunities for my students.

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  1. I so enjoy reading your reflections. Your passion for teaching and learning makes me smile. This PBL journey we are all embarking on is not going to be easy. I've been thinking much about it myself--about what it means for our school and for my own classroom. I've realized--my journey as a teacher has been a long and slow progression. I didn't become the teacher I am today overnight nor without many failures. We have a great group of teachers who are excited and committed to truly changing the way we design lessons and engage students. I'm proud to be journeying with you!