Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ann's Thing 6

Mrs. Kubler’s 4th Grade Reading Wiki showcased a well organized, attractive wiki which provided all students the opportunity to collaborate integrating technology tools and learning tools for reading. I particularly liked the upper tabs which provided quick access to a list of discussion topics with links to each. My students and I have struggled with the format of our classroom wiki especially with discussion questions. I would very much like to organize a wiki similar to Mrs. Kubler’s for the express purpose of reading groups. Any tips are welcome. Mr. Lindsay’s wiki on pbworks is similar to my classroom wiki, though larger and better organized. Useful, accessible, but lacks the attractive features of Kubler’s. I like the fact that his seemed to be a continual work in progress, a thing growing; whereas Mrs. Kubler’s appears to be created for the express purpose of studying Tuck Everlasting. Barnett’s wiki, FHS Wolves Den, appears to be a link to a conglomerate of teaching tools and information which is available for other teachers to use. I see a need a need for all three. If you did not check out the story timeline, this is a must! I have classroom wikis and this year they have been very useful for providing students access to curriculum and lesson plans when absent. No excuses. Besides integrating technology into the classroom, wikis are also a very proficient storage tool. They do, however, require time to play, to learn how to integrate all their useful gadgets, if you and your students are going to reap the benefits.