Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out of Lurking!

If you find yourself drowning in Web 2.0 I highly recommend a visit to Steve Hargadon's website. After reading "Web 2.0 Is the Future of Education, I was elated to discover there was hope for me in Web 2.0. I actually visualized myself in his seven step plan. Immersed with colleagues this summer in Web 2.0 who were already quite proficient with blogs and wikis, I realized I have been lurking, ( not procrastinating like I thought), and lurking fit into his plan. Strangely enough, his article gave me the confidence I needed to now "get my feet wet' by taking the next step, participate. "Be brave," he says. However, this is not the motivating step that really gave me the initiative to begin. His third step, "Digest This Thought: The Answer to Information Overload Is to Produce More Information" encompassed every feeling I have had all summer and well into fall. Only by jumping in can I learn to swim. As my students and I delve into our 21st Century learning, I see a gleam in their eyes as they realize, they are not the only learners in the room; we are learning together, and that matters.

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  1. Just think how much you've learned while lurking. I'm glad to see you diving in now!