Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogging: It's About Connecting People and Ideas

Connecting, reading, and sharing in 21clc. As Mr. Meyer shared his feelings of disgrace about not assigning homework, I so connected to this feeling as recently as today! In my effort to instill responsible behavior in my high school students, I actually alienated them from my class. What is more important, getting potential drop-outs to enjoy attending class or assigning them homework I know they are not going to return? One might remind me of the value of responsibility, however, I know one of these young men works full time at a local factory and realizes the importance of attendance, timeliness, and arriving with appropriate attire. The difference he says, “Money”! As students are always asking why do something, adults ask the same question. Reading this blog gave me a reason to respond and a place to substantiate my feelings about the subject.
Creating Life Long Learners was very informative; however, I noticed a lack of substantiation because there were no comments. I realized that the comments of others helped verify information we bravely put out on the World Wide Web. There were helpful links available on this blog which is more easily accessible on the web than in print.
Patrick’s Update presents very realistic stories of encouragement connecting one young boy to the world. He is no longer alone. Web 2.0 helps each of us connect regardless of age on a very personal basis as well as professionally.
Will Richardson, a well know professional, affords a look into his more personal life by sharing his concerns about his children beginning a new school. Blogging enables individuals to share real life stories, linking to others who have similar experiences.
Pair a Dime blogger indicates even our early learners realize the value of copy and paste of busy work and the lack of importance of rote memorization. Web 2.0 enables us to share examples, graphics, and knowledge. Blogging and sharing enables us to share information, think together, and open our minds. Our children realize the world is at their fingertips.
Blog reading and writing facilitates many different opinions and freedom to express them. Ideas grow out of comments, opinions changed; those unsure make decisions and the reading continues. Reading printed material provides less access and access is not as timely. The same is true of writing, comments may occur, but not as timely, enabling instant gratification, questions, and further growth. The writing is factual, realistic, and reflective. Blog reading allows more skimming for information and relevant ideas. It is easier to move on and search for information relevant to you. Just like with the homework, once I had a feel for the comments, I was able to skim through for the more positive comments, leaving the negative except for those with constructive comments or ideas. Blog reading and writing provides a limitless source and audience.

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  1. It continues to amaze me how Web 2.0 tools--for me, namely my Reader--makes it easy to grow as a teacher, to learn a new skill or strategy or activity, literally EVERY day. Most importantly, it takes not more than a few minutes!