Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thing 4: An Innate Need to Talk

In Jay William’s blog he reflects on Klosterman’s surmise that humans have an innate need to talk which is why they answer questions. I am depending on this very innate need to talk to reach my less motivated seniors. If Klosterman is correct, just maybe their desire to create their own blog or website will provide them an initiative to read and write for their own personal reasons. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long journey that will lead to improved reading and writing skills. Of course, like us, it may also be a short lived journey cast aside as other life obstacles move up their priority list. I enjoy reading comments from peers and staying aware of new developments, however, I struggle to make blogging a daily routine. I do believe, however, that blogging may well be my best opportunity to reach these otherwise unreachable seniors, as blogging will provide each student the chance to read and respond to information of personal interest and not limit them to the imparting facts of the classroom. Who knows, maybe we can build a habit together.

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  1. I find that blogging happens sparadically for me...most often on the weekend or late at night when I have time to think. Sometimes it happens after I have an idea that just won't leave me...just got to let it out through my fingers.

    This is what I hope for my students: that sound of fingers tapping on a there's a connection to Poe and "tapping" at the door!