Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing 9

Visual prompts using Flickr provides my students with the extra stimulus necessary to motivate their writing responses. By posting a photo on our class blog, I was then able to differentiate instruction around the response by providing simple access with instructions on the blog for the more proficient students then modeling with group and individual prompting for less proficient students. Responses ranged from the obvious to the more in depth inferences behind the scene. Student response to this activity reminded me of the importance of diversity for motivation and learning.  However, I found my students frustrated when they searched Flick for photos. Students need time and access to become familiar with Flickr before beginning class projects.  The above Chipmunk is from Flickr's Creative Commons by Andrea.  Notice the chipmunks fingers? Do you think he is posing? / CC BY 2.0
After spring break we plan to explore storytelling with photos on Flickr.

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